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Motion Control Resources

A faster start - Simulation solution and virtual commissioning services from Siemens speed up commissioning

Siemens Industry, Inc.

Mikron GmbH used solutions from the Siemens Motion Control Services portfolio for the first time to develop its new 6x6 machine tool. Mikron develops automation and customized production systems used in the manufacture of complex metal components. They generated a digital twin of the prototype, enabling advanced testing to prevent unwanted errors, and significantly reduces the commissioning time of the real machine.

Mikron 6x6 machine toolDigital twin of Mikron's 6x6 machine tool

First of all, Siemens experts analyze project-specific commissioning requirements to determine the possibility of using virtual commissioning. So that the customer knows exactly what to expect in terms of work and financial outlay, an estimate of the cost and labor involved is also drawn up. The experts from Siemens Industry Services then work with the Mechatronics Concept Designer software package (MCD) and the Simit simulation software to create a behavior model. This allows the customer to identify and fix any potential problems at an early juncture using virtual commissioning, and enables kinematics and movement sequences to be visualized and optimized. The early identification of potential design errors helps prevent damage to the physical machine. The Siemens solution also allows the PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) project and the NC (Numerical Control) archive to be commissioned in advance. By linking up to the Simit simulation software and MCD, commissioning can be performed using a real Sinumerik 840D sl VC (Virtual Commissioning) test rack controller. This allows most of the project testing and optimization to be carried out in advance and with minimized risk.

When working on the development of a prototype of the new Mikron 6x6 machine tool, the company opted to use Sinumerik Virtual Commissioning Services to generate a digital twin of the plant for the first time. The digital twin allows Mikron to simulate sequences such as different machine tool handling positions and identify potential design faults by virtual commissioning.

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