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Sliding Door Drive System

maxon precision motors, inc.

Sliding Door Drive SystemCompact, Quiet and Programmable

maxon motor has developed a sliding door drive system. The door drive system is available as a direct drive or with integrated gear. The drive consists of a brushless DC 90mm flat motor with an integrated MILE Encoder and an EPOS2 positioning controller. The firmware for the controller is programmable to meet your individual application requirements.

The door drive systems were designed to be used in all type of sliding doors. For example: public transportation, machine tools, and building entrance doors. It can also be used as a compact drive in conveyor applications. The compact design allows for the complete door drive system to be available in a single die casted aluminum housing resulting in reduced noise and space.

For assistance with your specific application or to obtain full data specifications, contact maxon at info@maxonmotorusa.com.


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