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Magnet Industry Newsletter Update

Walter T. Benecki LLC

It is now over 18 months since we launched "The Magnet Industry Newsletter"..... so it's time for a brief update.

We have passed through the first major subscription renewal period and are proud to report a re-subscription rate in excess of 90%.  This is clear evidence that our subscribers see genuine value in our Newsletter.  Our subscriber base spans multiple continents and we genuinely appreciate their continued support. 

A few months ago, we announced the formation of our Newsletter Advisory Board.  The board includes Stan Trout, John Ormerod and Steve Constantinides, all experienced veterans serving the permanent magnet industry.  Adding these three distinguished "Assistant Editors" has already added to the Newsletter's content and commentary.  (The commentary element is important....we not only report the news, we provide our subscribers with our experienced perspective and opinion where we feel it appropriate.)

A fairly new feature to the Newsletter includes original articles written by one of our Editors.  The August 2017 Newsletter will highlight an assessment of the Magnetic Refrigeration Market (authored by Steve C.), while John Ormerod is planning on preparing an update on Hitachi's ongoing patent battles for the October issue.

We accurately predicted this year's serious run-up in Cobalt prices.....hopefully some of our subscribers took advantage of our advice and fattened up their cobalt inventories prior to the jump in prices. 

Obvious questions currently hanging over the magnet industry include the future of rare earth supplies and rare earth magnet prices.  Another topic important to magnet producers are advancements in motor technologies, for automotive, industrial and commercial applications.  Permanent magnet motors consume the largest percentage of all global magnet production!  And we haven't overlooked robotics and wind power .... both important drivers behind future magnet demand.  We'll do our best to keep our subscribers well informed on all these key issues.

We also send out occasional "Magnet Industry News Alerts" when significant news breaks between newsletter issues....the latest alert highlighted Shin-Etsu's recent announcement regarding a significant expansion of their Vietnamese NdFeB magnet production facility, scheduled to go on line in 2018.

In summary, we have maintained the Newsletter's one-year subscription price at $1,295 in spite of the expansion of the Newsletter's Editorial Board.  Where else can you get access to focused permanent magnet industry news, plus analysis and opinion from four industry experts, six times a year....for such a modest fee?

If you wish to consider becoming a subscriber, please let us know.  We'll be happy to send you an earlier Newsletter issue for your evaluation.

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