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Motion Control Resources

Blog Post: When Is Outsourcing Engineering Right for You?

by Bill Saunders, Vice President of Sales
Motion Solutions

When Is Outsourcing Engineering Right for You?

ALISO VIEJO, CA - Five reasons to consider outside motion control expertise.

The 2008 global downturn changed the economics of manufacturing. To stay in business, companies slashed budgets and cut staff to operate as leanly as possible. Now that the economy has recovered, the focus is shifting from survival mode to market leadership. The problem is that the staffing cuts that helped companies stay solvent may have left them without the in-house engineering talent to develop the innovative products that will move them ahead of the competition. The solution? Outsource.

Although outsourcing is more commonly associated with manufacturing or service offerings like customer care and payroll, outsourcing engineering is an increasingly common way to bridge the skills gap. Outsourcing engineering is particularly effective in the case of complex support technologies like motion control. . .

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