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Motion Control Resources

Ask an Engineer: Linear guide options for cleanroom applications

by Alex Polo, Sales Engineer and linear motion specialist
Motion Solutions

Linear guide options for cleanroom applications

Editor’s note: In this ongoing video series, members of the Motion Solutions engineering staff share insights on technologies and problem-solving. The Motion Solutions Engineered Solutions team works daily to design complex electromechanical assemblies across a variety of industries. With more than 300 years of aggregate design experience, they have deep expertise in designing customized bearings for a range of demanding applications.

Cleanrooms play an essential role in contamination-sensitive applications such as semiconductor fabrication, pharmaceuticals, optics, medical devices/life sciences, and many more. Cleanrooms are designed to control the number of particulates in the air, such as dust, microbes, aerosols, etc. to avoid compromising the processes and products manufactured within. The standards for these enclosures are extremely tight, especially when motion systems are involved, but by following a few basic techniques, it’s possible to conduct operations while maintaining an appropriate environment. . .

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