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Wittenstein - alpha LP+ Generation 3 Gearhead


alpha LP+ Generation 3 Gearhead from WittensteinExperience the faces of a new generation of gearboxes with the revolutionary LP+ Generation 3 from WITTENSTEIN. This new precision gearhead sets new standards for drive systems looking for economic flexibility.

The LP+ Generation 3 has the same space envelope requirements as the LP+ which makes it ideal as a drop-in replacement; yet, it boasts increased power, smoother running and more ratios. The new design possesses up to 75% higher torques as compared to the industry standard inline product. As well, optimized manufacturing and assembly processes have resulted in a 50% reduction in operation noise.

The LP+ Generation 3 is ideal for servo applications in packaging, handling and automation systems. The output can optionally be designed with a smooth or keyed shaft. It is also available as the LPB+ Generation 3 with output flange and in a 2-stage version with increased ratios.

Experience the quiet yet robust power of the LP+ Generation 3!

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