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Two Technologies to release first Rugged Android Handheld HMI with Design Editor to create custom HMI applications

Two Technologies, Inc.

HMIQ: “The Smarter Way to Interface”

With over 30 years of experience in the design and manufacture of rugged HMI devices, Two Technologies has redefined the “Human Machine Interface” with the next generation of HMI. HMIQ will empower Industrial Organizations and OEMS to improve efficiency, scalability, connectivity, time savings, and cost savings. HMIQ is a complete package of hardware with a user interface development platform (Drag & Drop) that allows companies to utilize the significant advantages of the Android operating system to reach IIOT goals. HMIQ allows companies to easily connect, control and teach today’s advanced machines with an Industrial Rugged Android Device.

With HMIQ companies can fully leverage the user interface development platform tools to reduce software development time and utilize their own Android Apps to reach their IIOT goals . The platform allows companies to White Label and create their own custom GUI keypads, custom key outputs and custom labeled keys. The Rugged Android Device also offers several options such as Emergency Stop, Liveman, Barcode Scanning as well as a programmable and customizable lower tactile keypad with options to add joysticks, switches, buttons and LED Indicator Lights geared to all types of vertical applications. With the HMIQ Platform system developers can quickly and simply build a new custom HMI and or easily move existing End of Life or Legacy HMI onto the HMIQ Hardware & Software system. Two Technologies will also be releasing a panel mount version of HMIQ in the coming months.

HMIQ will be on display at Automate 2019 in Chicago Booth #9116. If you would like to schedule a demonstration of HMIQ at Automate 2019, request an Online Demo of HMIQ or for more information you can contact the HMIQ product rep directly at 215-837-5603.

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