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Strategic Agreement Between Datalogic and B&R

B&R Industrial Automation

New UX vision processors relying on B&R's Automation PC 910

Datalogic's UX series vision system takes advantage of the high-performance B&R Automation PC 910.Datalogic Automation is gearing up to adopt low-consumption, high-performance B&R Automation PC 910 systems into its new UX series of vision processors. This is the result of the strategic agreement signed by both market leaders that will see the powerful B&R Automation PC 910 equipped as the new vision processor and providing support for Datalogic's industry-leading IMPACT machine vision software.

Up to 4 USB 3.0 cameras
Equipped with state-of-the-art technology like Intel's third-gen Core i-series processors and a wide range of standard video interfaces, the B&R Automation PC 910 is the ideal choice for demanding applications – in-cluding high-speed, high-resolution inspection and analysis. Combined with Datalogic's outstanding IMPACT software, the system can manage up to four USB 3.0 cameras to deliver unrivalled machine vision solutions.

UX vision processors support a wide portfolio of USB 3.0 vision cameras and can even handle different camera formats and resolutions with the same vision processor. With three configurations for high-powered image processing, they can be seamlessly integrated into standard factory networks as well as secondary software packages.

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