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Servotronix Introduces PRO Series Servo Motors

PRO Series Servo MotorsINDIANAPOLIS, IN - HS Motion Group announces the launch of PRO Series Servo Motors. This series is the latest offering for high performance servo motion applications.

The PRO Series couples a new family of precision rotary brushless servo motors with the company’s flagship CDHD servo drives. The highly versatile product line offers a wide range of torque ratings, various motor options, and features outstanding efficiency and reliability due to a high performance electromagnetic design.

The PRO motors are particularly suitable for positioning tasks in machine automation with demanding requirements for dynamics and stability. The product line features extensive versatility as manifested by the wide range of standard feedback (resolver, TTL and absolute multi-turn encoder), shaft, flange, and brake options.

The PRO Series supports nearly any application requiring a rated output power of 100W to 8.3 kW, a rated output torque of 0.3 to 40 Nm, and speeds up to 5000 rpm. Input voltage can be 120/240 VAC single or three phase, or 400/480V three phase.
With the new standard line as a basis, HS Motion welcomes opportunities to collaborate with customers whose applications require modifications. Motor customization options include IP67, optimized motor winding, various connectors and feedback devices. CDHD drive’s firmware can be easily modified to meet critical application needs. In this way we ensure the ability to provide our customers an ideally suited motion solution.

The combination of PRO servo motors and the CDHD servo drives delivers an optimal solution for high performance motion applications. CDHD drives incorporate an industry leading frequency response of up to 3 kHz, and autotuning capabilities that minimize position error and settling time to almost zero. In addition, an integrated anti-vibration technology eliminates mechanical resonance and ensures accurate positioning even in non-rigid systems.

Additional drive features include STO (Safe-Torque-Off), 16-bit analog input, fault relay, secondary feedback, encoder simulation, adaptive feed forward, and PWM manipulation. Controller connectivity is through analog commands, Pulse and Direction, CANopen®, and EtherCAT®.  The PRO Motor Series is supplied with a proprietary HS Motion Group software package. The easy-to-use graphic software includes wizards for effortless drive-motor configuration and testing. The software also simplifies tuning of advanced current, position and velocity loops, for optimized control of any electromechanical system.

About HS Motion Group
HS Motion Group, an alliance between technology leaders Horner Automation Group and Servotronix Motion Control, provides an all-in-one seamlessly integrated control & motion solution for machine manufacturers.

The HS Motion Suite enables adaptability with any machine, allowing the deployment of controllers, motors and drives into existing or new applications. This best-in-class solution delivers a unified programming environment for application development – effectively increasing productivity, performance and throughput at a competitive, cost-effective price.  


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