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Ruland - Heavy Duty Shaft Collars

Ruland Manufacturing Co., Inc.

Metric Heavy Duty Shaft Collars from RulandRuland Manufacturing Co., Inc. has expanded its line of shaft collars to include a full metric range for heavy duty applications. Designed for the large shafts used in steel, process, and other heavy industries, these shaft collars feature a 32 mm width and DIN12.9 M12 socket head cap screws for high holding power. The two-piece design means clamping force can be applied without damaging the shaft and allows for installation or disassembly without removal of other components. Standard parts are made from carbon steel with a black oxide finish in sixteen bore sizes ranging from 75 mm to 150 mm. Stainless steel parts, other materials and dimensions are available by special order.

Ruland shaft collars for heavy duty applications are machined to ensure a consistent face to bore perpendicularity of TIR < 0.076mm. The face to bore relationship is important for many applications where components such as bearings need to be properly aligned on the shaft. It also creates even pressure on the interfaced components prolonging their life and reduces the likelihood that the shaft collar will shift when it is subject to shock loads. A circular groove on the shaft collar indicates that it has been single point faced. Ruland collars should be installed so that the circular groove is on the side that will receive the shock load or against the components that need precise positioning or even pressure.

Shaft collars are part of Ruland’s complete product line which includes also rigid couplings and five types of flexible couplings with zero-backlash: beam couplings, bellows couplings, oldham couplings, disc couplings, and curved jaw couplings. All Ruland products are RoHS and REACH compliant.

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