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Motion Control Resources

QuickStart: servo drive-motor-cable systems from ADVANCED Motion Controls

Drive MotorsADVANCED Motion Controls is pleased to announce an OEM-focused program called 'QuickStart'. QuickStart is a system offering including: a servo drive, servo motor, all necessary cables, and an interface board with screw terminal connections to accept an external control system signal - all in one box and ready for fast delivery!

OEMs today are faced with trying to get their machinery to market fast. Proving out motion control concepts can take an inordinate amount of resources. Therefore, expediting machinery through the prototype stage and into production is a big challenge. Not anymore. ADVANCED Motion Controls' solution provides the means motion control can be quickly proven with QuickStart servo systems.

QuickStartQuickStart saves OEMs design evaluation time, overall cost of motion control integration and the personnel needed to move beyond conception. From the moment systems are received to the point where all components are connected together (using the single-sheet connectivity guide!), everything will operate within 5 minutes. All systems are initially configured in velocity mode to turn the motor shaft at a slow pre-determined speed indicating complete operation out of the box. No pots to tweak or software to configure! Once operational, full documentation is provided to quickly integrate the motion system into the machinery.

A total of 6 QuickStart systems are available including analog or digital servo drives matched to brushed or brushless motors. Torque ranges are from 0.35 Nm (cont.) to 4.0 Nm (pk.) with speeds up to 6,000 rpm. A multitude of additional drive features and operating modes can be selected.

QuickStart is designed to make system prototyping fast and easy. All drive and motor specifications are listed on the web site for easy selection and all documentation is available in advance for preview. Special packaging entirely encloses all system components in a single 12" x 12" X 6" cardboard container and, best of all, every system is in stock for overnight shipment if needed.

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