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Paul Kellett Biography

Motion Control & Motor Association

Paul KellettPaul Kellett is Director of Market Analysis at the Motion Control Association (MCA).  He has been with MCA since its inception and performed market research and strategic marketing for over fifteen years. During that period, he completed numerous market studies.  Prior to working for MCA and its sister associations, he was President and Principal Market Analyst at Accuture Telecom Research, a firm he founded.  Before his tenure at Accuture, he held the positions of Senior Director – Research and Senior Market Analyst at Pioneer Consulting, a Boston, MA. firm, specializing in broadband and optical networking research.  Prior to his employment at Pioneer, he held numerous marketing, corporate planning, financial and regulatory positions at SBC/Ameritech (now AT&T).  Mr. Kellett began his career at Michigan Bell as a revenue forecaster.  He holds three university degrees, a graduate certificate in marketing and a Fulbright Scholarship.

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