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Nexen Introduces New Zero-Backlash, Spring Engaged (ZSE) Brake Family for Power Transmission and Precision Automation Applications

Nexen Group, Inc.

Zero-Backlash, Spring Engaged (ZSE) Brake FamilyVadnais Heights, MN – Nexen Group, Inc., announces the release of the of the Zero-Backlash Spring Engaged (ZSE) brake family. The pneumatically-released ZSE offers high torque, high speed, and zero backlash ideal for holding applications. Unlike brakes using leaf springs to transmit torque, the ZSE is zero-backlash up to 100% of its rated holding torque.

Nexen has released four different sizes (450, 600, 800, 1000) for a wide variety of applications. The bore sizes are available in three standard sizes, and can be easily customized for customer needs.

In addition, Nexen offers an option to configure the ZSE with a smart feature. The ZSES brakes are available with internal sensors, making them ideal for Industry 4.0 compatibility. These sensors provide feedback and data to maximize machine safety and efficiency.

Highlights of the ZSE Brake include:

  • Speeds up to 5000 RPM
  • Zero-Backlash up to 100% of rated holding torque
  • Holding torque up to 300 Nm
  • Zero-Backlash integral clamp collar
  • Low inertia
  • Customizable to wide range of shaft diameters
  • Cool operation
  • Compact housing
  • Optional Smart feature for Industry 4.0 Compatibility

About Nexen Group, Inc.
Our heritage is built on producing technically superior products while providing the highest level of customer support. As a leading manufacturer of precision motion control components, power transmission and web tension control products, Nexen works to remain at the forefront of cutting edge engineering and production excellence. Our production capabilities include computerized control and testing systems, dry cutting applications, special coating processes, over 80 multi-axis precision CNC machine tools and automated assembly. By working with Nexen, our customers experience innovations that adhere to industry specifications, optimize their metrics and provide solutions focused on increased uptime, longer machine life and reduced maintenance. For more information, please visit www.nexengroup.com or call 800-843-7445.

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