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Newport - Expansion of scientific-grade (SG) series Vision IsoStation

Newport Corporation

Vision IsoStation Expansion from NewportNewport Corporation, a worldwide leader in laser and photonic solutions that Make, Manage, and Measure Light®, announces the expansion of the     scientific-grade (SG) series Vision IsoStation vibration isolation workstation. The Vision IsoStation provides advanced performance with more user-friendly features and accessories than any other isolation workstation available. New features and accessories have been designed specifically to improve ease-of-installation, set-up, and lab-space utilization.

The Vision IsoStation is offered with scientific-grade optical breadboard platforms in sizes from 24 in. x 24 in. to 36 in. x 72 in. to accommodate applications ranging from small bio-instrumentation isolation, up to medium-sized optical investigations that may have previously needed a full-sized optical table.  Newport’s SG series breadboards are highly stable and rigid due to the steel, triple-core-interface honeycomb construction. This unique design increases point-loading capability while minimizing static deflection, providing a light-weight yet rigid work surface for research applications. The scientific-grade optical breadboards provide a 3/16 in. ferromagnetic stainless steel working surface, enhanced damping, sealed holes, and surface flatness better than ±0.004 in. over 2 ft. (±0.1 mm over 600 mm).

The unique platform interface acts as a docking surface, an accessory mount, and a restraint to keep the breadboard atop the frame of the Vision IsoStation.  The interface also features float-height indicators and frame bubble levels to make set-up and installation extremely easy and intuitive. These features are also useful when the system is relocated to another lab or if system performance needs to be verified. Integrated leveling feet and casters are standard on all versions making the system very easy and safe to transport and install.

The new Vision IsoStation SG Series platforms are compatible with Newport’s line of Vision IsoStation accessories that have been designed specifically for modern scientific and biological investigations. These include several instrumentation, shelving, and storage options.

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