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Newport - Earthquake Restraint System, Model ERS2010

Newport Corporation

ERS2010 Earthquake Restraint System from Newport CorporationNewport Corporation, a worldwide leader in laser and photonic solutions that Make, Manage, and Measure Light®, introduces an Earthquake Restraint System, Model ERS2010, designed to restrict the motion of pneumatically-isolated optical table tops during seismic activity.The new earthquake restraint system is certified and in compliance with the 2009 International Building Code (IBC) and the 2010 California Building Code (CBC). A minimum of three restraints is required to prevent possible tipping of a table during or after an earthquake and, once installed, the system does not affect optical table performance.

Each restraint is rated for seismic forces generated by a maximum of 2000 lbs (907 kg) of combined table and payload weight.  A set of four restraints can withstand a maximum of 8000 lbs (3632 kg). Available in several standard heights, including 16-in. (406 mm), 19.5-in. (495 mm), 22-in. (559 mm), 23.5-in. (597 mm) or 28-in. (711 mm); custom heights and configurations are also available.

Each ERS2010 earthquake restraint is designed to be secured into a concrete floor at least 6-in. thick using eight Hilti anchor bolts. Seismic loads are distributed into the optical table bottom skin by eight socket head cap screws. The necessary hardware (not included with the restraints) is also available from Newport and can be ordered separately.

In order to attach the earthquake restraints to an optical table, the table must have a series of machine-tapped holes on the table’s underside.  Newport can machine the holes at the time the table and restraints are ordered.  For modifications to previously-purchased optical tables, contact Newport’s tech support team. 

About Newport Corporation
Newport Corporation is a leading global supplier of advanced-technology products and systems to customers in the scientific research, microelectronics manufacturing, aerospace and defense/security, life and health sciences and precision industrial manufacturing markets.  Newport’s innovative solutions leverage its expertise in high-power semiconductor, solid-state and ultrafast lasers, photonics instrumentation, sub-micron positioning systems, vibration isolation, optical subsystems and precision automation to enhance the capabilities and productivity of its customers’ manufacturing, engineering and research applications.  Newport is part of the Standard & Poor’s SmallCap 600 Index and the Russell 2000 Index.

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