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Newport Corporation - ILX Lightwave LDT-5940C Thermoelectric Temperature Controller

Newport Corporation

ILX Lightwave Announces New 60-Watt Thermoelectric Temperature Controller with <±0.003°C Long-Term Temperature Stability

ILX Lightwave LDT-5940C Thermoelectric Temperature Controller, Newport CorporationILX Lightwave, a Newport Corporation brand, announces the addition of LDT-5940C Thermoelectric Temperature Controller to its portfolio of thermoelectric temperature controllers designed for testing of laser diodes and other optoelectronic devices. The LDT-5940C features 60W of temperature control, an intuitive front panel, and standard GPIB and USB 2.0 remote interface. 

The LDT-5940C was designed for customers requiring higher power and high stability. This new temperature controller with digital PID control loop achieves temperature stability of less than ±0.003°C with output current noise and ripple less than 2mA rms. For fast setup, the LDT-5940C incorporates preset PID values and a fast auto-tune PID mode that automatically determines optimal PID values. The LDT-5940C is compatible with a wide range of sensors including thermistors, RTDs, LM335, and AD590 IC sensors. A new linearized thermistor sensor mode allows the LDT-5940C to achieve ±0.2°C temperature accuracy over a wide temperature range from -30°C to 85°C with standard 10K? thermistor. Interlocks allow the user to connect the LDT-5940C to a laser diode driver and will disable the laser output if the LDT-5940C is disabled or is over the user-configurable temperature limit. An additional feature of the LDT-5940C is an analog voltage input for temperature sweeping or tuning without using a remote interface or front panel control.

The LDT-5940C includes USB 2.0 and IEEE 488.1 GPIB interfaces for remote instrument operation in R&D or manufacturing environments.  LabVIEW® drivers for the LDT-5940C are available for download from the ILX Lightwave website.

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