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New EPR and PER Right Angle Bevel Planetary Gearboxes Available

GAM Enterprises, Inc.

GAM EPR Right Angle Bevel Planetary Gearbox cutaway viewGAM announces the release of new EPR and PER Series Right Angle Bevel Planetary Gearboxes. The new gearboxes provide all the advantages of GAM’s popular EPL and PE inline planetary gearboxes, in a right angle configuration.

Featuring a high-performing spiral bevel gear input to an inline planetary gear output, the EPR and PER are available in ratios of 3:1 to 1000:1 and a wide range of sizes and configurations. The EPR Series features five output options including three different shaft outputs, a hollow shaft output and a flange output.

“The EPL inline is considered the best value on the market because of its performance, price, and ability to be configured to meet customer requirements. As a result, it is our most popular gearbox,” said Craig Van den Avont, President GAM, “Developing a right angle version in the form of the EPR and PER just made sense from a customer point of view, and expands the breadth of our product offering.”

The PER is a value option employing output bearings typically found in other higher-priced competitive gearboxes and is used in motion control applications where axial and radial loads are minimized. The PER has a metric or NEMA shaft output option. The EPR and PER are available with motor mounting plates to accommodate most servo motors.

More information about the EPR and PER Right Angle Gearboxes can be found here: www.gamweb.com/epr  

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