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NEXCOM’s Industrial Panel PCs Bring High Computing Power to Consolidate Users’ Applications


NEXCOM has increased the industrial panel PCs family with the addition of 15", 15.6" and 21.5" sizes to meet the need of advanced human machine interface (HMI) terminals in automated manufacturing. Based on high performance Intel® Core™ processor, the new additions to NEXCOM fanless panel PCs include the A1570T, A1570P, 1670P, and 2170P with high computing and image processing, allowing machine builders to deliver state-of-the-art machine control and HMI in a unified design with several panel sizes. 

The four new family members are designed for advanced machine control with 3D-intensive HMI applications used in heavy industries. Built with a choice of Intel® Core™ i5-4590T, i5-4570TE, i3-4350T, or i3-4340TE processor, the panel PCs are packed with up to four computing cores and outstanding 2D and 3D rendering capabilities. On industrial machines, they can be programmed to execute look-ahead, adaptive speed algorithms, and other advanced machine control for multi-axis, high-speed, high-accuracy machining. As for automation, they can run 3D machining animations, toolpath simulations, and work orders on their 4:3 15" or 16:9 15.6" or 21.5" touchscreen, helping operators monitor machining status.

Moreover, the new IPPC models support function expansion with a variety of interfaces including PCI, PCIe, and mini-PCIe. For instance, two mini-PCIe slots are provided along with a wide selection of add-on modules, which include fieldbus modules for industrial automation control, Wi-Fi/3G/LTE modules for internet connection, fast-write NVRAM modules for emergency data storage, mSATA modules for storage expansion, and I/O modules for extra LAN and COM connections. Additionally, a waterproof front USB is meant to facilitate machine file upload on site and can be disabled after a file transfer to avoid unauthorized copying and virus infection, while an internal USB bracket is intended for software license dongles and to provide theft protection.

Designed for harsh operating environments, the industrial panel PCs are encased in a metal housing and come with a projected captive (P-cap) touch panel which is flush with the IP66-compliant aluminum front bezel.

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