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Lion - CL150 Eddy-Current Displacement Sensor

New Multichannel Eddy-Current Displacement Sensor Offers Lower-Cost, Space-Saving Design

ECL150 Multichannel Eddy-Current Displacement Sensor from Lion PrecisionTo support designers requiring multichannel displacement sensing in a compact package, Lion Precision has released the ECL150 Eddy-Current Displacement Sensor. The new sensor features up to eight channels of high-resolution, noncontact displacement sensing in a package measuring only 4.2x7.6x2.3 inches (108x193x57 mm).

The ECL150 is built on the company’s new CompactFLEX platform which allows for easy customization for OEM applications.

According to Don Martin, company president, “More and more applications are requiring multiple sensing channels and offering less space to put it in; we needed to provide a better solution to our customers. We’ve reduced the power, cost and space demands while eliminating the need for interconnecting cables between channels.”
The ECL150 is a high-performance noncontact sensing system offering resolutions as low as 2.6 nanometers at 15 kHz bandwidth, and offering measurement ranges from 0.5 to 15 mm.

Typical Resolution:                           0.006% RMS
Linearity                                          ±0.2% of Range
Maximum Bandwidth                        15 kHz
Analog Output                                  ±5 VDC
Input Power                                     12 to 24 VDC, 0.75 W/Channel

In 1958, Lion Precision was the first company to provide capacitive displacement sensors to industry. The company has expanded its product offering to include eddy-current displacement sensors and some application specific sensors for the packaging and PCB industries. The company is focused on assisting users in sensor implementation by providing expert guidance and optimized systems including custom designs.

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