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Ingenia - Pluto Extended

Extended Power Range for Pluto DC Servo Drive by Ingenia Motion Control Ingenia Motion Control is pleased to announce the release of an extended version of its PLUTO DC Servo Drive, delivering now up to 800 W peak, with 8 A continuous output current and no heat sink required.

The new version shares footprint, size and functionality with the 500 W model but with a higher power density.

Pluto is an open-frame servo drive easy to integrate in applications where space is critical. This extended range version enables system designs to be even more compact.

For applications where size does matter, this ultra-miniature 1-Axis Solution offers high-power and single axis integration.

This new DC Servo Drive is also configurable and programmable with the high-level Ingenia software tools, Motion Lab and Composer software, as well as with Motion Control Library API (C/C++ or .NET).

PLUTO Servo Drive can be customized upon demand for special OEM applications.

Features at a glance:

  • Deliver up to 800 W peak
  • 12-48 VDC
  • USB 2.0 and CANopen interface
  • Rotary or linear brushless, DC brush, voice coil and steppers supported
  • Command sources: Network, Analog input, PWM, Step&Direction, Electronic Gearing
  • Feedbacks: Incremental Encoder, Digital &  Analog Halls, Sin/Cos encoder 1Vpp,  Analog Input (Potentiometer), PWM sensor, DC-Tachometer
  • Small size: 60 mm x 60 mm x 15 mm
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