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Ingenia Introduces Expansion Board for Pluto Servo Drive

Ingenia Motion Control is pleased to announce the release of a starter kit Input/output expansion board for his miniature servo drives Pluto series.
Expansion Board for Pluto Servo Drive
It allows the rapid evaluation of the motion control capabilities with an easy and direct access the I/O signals available on the servo drive.

The module replicates the I/Os connector, adding analog signals, push buttons and  DIP switches to reproduce any I/O operation that can be performed with the servo drive.

The expansion module fits on top of a standard Pluto servo drive and just needs to be connected with a flat cable, included in the development kit

The expansion board together with Pluto servo drive series is a starting package that includes the complete hardware and software you need in order to evaluate and develop your motion applications

Features at a glance:

  • Plug and play hardware and software kit
  • No need for external wirings or PC control
  • No need for extra power supply
  • Analog and digital control
  • I/O board with input (buttons and DIP switch), outputs (LEDs), and analog (potentiometer) interfaces

I/O extension board characteristics:

  • 1 x Power ON LED
  • 4 x LEDs linked to digital inputs
  • 4 x LEDs linked to digital outputs
  • 4 x DIP switch for configuration purposes
  • 4 x Push buttons
  • 2 x Potentiometer for analog signals

For more information please visit:  http://www.ingeniamc.com/En/-Pluto-compact-dc-servo-drive-canopen

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