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IXD Multiaxis Accelerometers for Safety Monitoring in Industrial Machines

Lika Electronic USA

Lika Electronic introduces a new range of 2-axis and 3-axis acceleration sensors.

IXD accelerometers are designed to be used throughout industry for precise detection of ‘g’ forces as well as for safety monitoring of vibration and shock levels. They are available in three measurement ranges: ±2g, ±3g, and ±16g.

IXD accelerometers are compact, rugged, and IP67 protected. They are designed in a robust metal enclosure and the electronics is coated with resin, so they excel also in harsh and critical environments such as under mechanical and thermal shocks, vibrations, moisture. The operating temperature range is up to -40°C ÷ +85°C / -40°F ÷ +185°F.

IXD accelerometers utilize MEMS (Micro Electromechanical Systems) technology and are offered in 2-axis and 3-axis models, as well as, in three measurement ranges: ±2g, ±3g, and ±16g. They integrate a self-test capability that allows the user to check the operation of the sensor in the final application. The 2-axis model is also equipped with safety limit switches with relay contact - they are provided on each axis and have a trip point of ±0.25g (open thresholds).

Accelerometer sensors provide voltage analogue signals at output (e.g. 0.25V for -2g ÷ 9.75V for +2g) with bandwidth from 50 Hz to 500 Hz. X, Y, and Z output signals are conditioned by an operational amplifier and can be processed by sixth-order Bessel filters to reject unwanted frequencies (5 Hz flatness).

Accelerometers can be used in several industrial applications. By measuring dynamic acceleration they can be used for safety-related purposes and for detection of vibrations and shocks in particular. For example, they can monitor the operation of wind turbines and gantry cranes in order to prevent them from reaching dangerous levels of vibration. They are ideal in safety prediction systems of all kinds of industrial machinery and equipment to protect them from exceeding critical vibrations that might lead to damage and deterioration and so decrease the lifespan of the system.

They also measure static acceleration and provide tilt information.

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