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HS58 Absolute Singleturn Encoders from Lika Electronic Now Available With Resolution up to 25 bits

Lika Electronic USA


If you need even more resolution to suit the requirements of your motion control applications, Lika Electronic offers a new evolution of well-known HS58 singleturn encoder series. This singleturn rotary encoder extends the range of the resolution and is available in up to 25 bits (33,554,432 cpr).

HS58 encoder is a conventional rotary device. It is built in a standard 58mm flange diameter enclosure with both solid (Ø 6, 8, 9.52, 10, 11, 12 mm) and hollow (Ø 14, 15 mm) shafts. It is designed for typical industrial environments and provides IP67 protection rate (IP65 at shaft) as well as the ability to withstand temperature fluctuations between -25°C and +85°C (-13°F +212°F).

HS58 uses optical scanning technology and yields the absolute information via proven SSI and BiSS C-mode interfaces. An additional incremental track (2,048 1Vpp Sine-Cosine signals per turn) further allows for accurate speed control.

Both M12/M23 connector and cable output options are available.

HS58 encoder series is ideal for installation in a wide range of applications in standard industrial environments including:

  • gearless and servo motors
  • automated surveillance systems
  • tracking and pointing technology systems
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