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Motion Control Resources

Gantry, The Elmo Way

Elmo Motion Control, Inc.

"Gantry, The Elmo Way" is a state-of-the-art, cost-efficient solution for Gantry applications that transforms the industry's approach to Gantry realization in its comprehensive intelligence, yet simplicity.

Gantry the Elmo Way - A state of the art, cost effiicient solution for Gantry applications from Elmo Motion ControlElmo Motion Control, a leading provider of full motion control solutions and products, has developed an innovative solution that turns Gantry into a smarter, smaller, simpler application by combining unique distributed motion control with innovative servo tuning tools.
"Gantry, The Elmo Way" provides precise control with only two, mount-it-anywhere, servo drives operating as one integrated unit. There is no need for a bulky, dedicated motion controller or extra moving cables. Employing super-fast MIMO communications, one servo drive from Elmo's Gold line is configured as the master (X1) with a second drive (slave, X2) following its lead and sending feedback data. The Elmo Application Studio (EAS) software guides the user through the entire implementation process, providing drive configuration, safety and protections, system identification and controller design in an easy-to-use GUI format.
Elmo's approach is not only suitable for dual-axis Gantries, but is easily extended to full 4-axis planar control and other complex applications. Multi-axis performance is realized by merely adding Elmo's Gold Maestro (GMAS) motion controller to control up to 100 axes via EtherCAT or CANopen, saving critical cables and improving reliability.
Elmo’s Gantry solution is a breakthrough alternative to the traditional Gantry systems where motion controllers rely on complex, centralized motion control architecture to handle high-dynamic MIMO cross-coupled feedback technology. Gantry control by Elmo is the best overall cost and performance solution for high-precision Gantry and XY Planar systems.

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