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Galil Motion Control Releases DMC-52xx0 EtherCAT Master

Galil Motion Control Inc.

DMC-52xx0 EtherCAT masterNew product can control up to 32 drives and integrates into any EtherCAT application

ROCKLIN, Calif. — Galil Motion Control Inc., the industry leader in motion control technology, is introducing the DMC-52xx0 EtherCAT master, Galil’s first 32-axis motion controller. The new addition to Galil’s EtherCAT family is a pure EtherCAT controller with the ability to control up to 32 drives and two I/O modules. This space-efficient package also provides uncommitted I/O for easy integration into any EtherCAT application.

"What puts the DMC-52xx0 apart from other EtherCAT masters is its small form factor, its local I/O, and its easy setup and connects,” said Amber Ehardt, applications and marketing engineer with Galil Motion Control. “In just a few minutes, the user can have 32 motors up and running as opposed to days of effort with other products.”

The DMC-52xx0 is offered in 2-, 4-, 8-, 16- and 32-axis formats. Coordinated moves can be done within banks of up to 8 axes, allowing for minimal changes of Galil’s programming language. The DMC-52xx0 operates in Cyclic Synchronous Position (CSP) mode. In this mode, the servo control loop is closed on the EtherCAT drive while the Galil controller sends motion profile commands at a rate of 1 kHz. Galil supports a host of EtherCAT devices for virtually any application. See the list below for more details.

Designed to solve complex motion problems, the DMC-52xx0 can be used for applications involving jogging, point-to-point positioning, position tracking, contouring, linear and circular interpolation, electronic gearing, ECAM, and PVT. The DMC-52xx0 makes configuration and programming easy with just a handful of EtherCAT configuration commands and Galil’s intuitive, two-letter programming language. The DMC-52xx0 features eight uncommitted opto-isolated inputs and eight uncommitted opto-isolated high power outputs. It also includes eight uncommitted analog inputs and eight uncommitted analog outputs (analog I/O is 12-bit standard, 16-bit option available).

The DMC-52xx0 comes with one Ethernet port for communication with a host PC and one EtherCAT port to communicate with EtherCAT drives. Multiple EtherCAT drives can be linked together in a daisy-chain configuration and connected to the controller’s EtherCAT port, simplifying wiring and decreasing setup time. One USB port is also provided for alternative communication with a host PC. The DMC-52xx0 is packaged in a compact metal enclosure measuring 9.75 inches x 5.00 inches x 1.60 inches and is powered by a single 90-250 VAC supply.

The DMC-52xx0 EtherCAT controller is available now. If you would like to speak to an applications engineer about the DMC-52xx0 or have other questions, please contact Galil.

Supported Devices:

  • Galil RIO-574x0
  • AMC DZEANTU Series
  • Copley XenusPLUS XEL-230-36
  • Delta Electronics ASD-A2-0721-E
  • LS Mecapion Pegasus
  • LS Mecapion L7N
  • Panasonic Minas A5B
  • Sanyo-Denki SANMOTION R RS2A01A2HA5
  • Yaskawa Sigma-5 SGDV

Company Contact
Amber Ehardt
Tel: (916) 626-0101

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