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Factory Automation Controllers Fully Integrate Automated Manufacturing Processes


NEXCOM factory automation controller NIFE 200 forges cyber-physical links to prepare factories for smart, connected manufacturing. Aimed at manufacturing process control, NIFE 200 features openness for SoftPLC/SoftMotion control, PC applications, industrial communication support, and internet connectivity. NIFE 200 enables the full integration of automated manufacturing processes, giving a new face to the future of manufacturing.

Based on PC architecture, the factory automation controller NIFE 200 features scalable computing performance with a choice of Intel® Celeron® processor J1900 and Intel® Atom™ E3800 processors. NIFE 200 supports real-time control and SoftPLC/SoftMotion functions for use in a wide variety of processes including filling, dispensing, labeling, packing and many more. If configured with cameras and scanners, NIFE 200 can be applied to inspection of defects for enhanced quality control, or the documentation of production records by reading barcodes and product serial numbers.

To realize above factory-wide automation, NIFE 200 provides two mini-PCIe slots to extend support for industrial communication protocols. Available fieldbus modules include PROFIBUS®, PROFINET®, DeviceNet®, CANopen®, SERCOS® III, EtherNet/IP®, and EtherCAT® master. Connection to peripherals and sensors can also be established with COM, USB, and optional GPIO ports. 

For HMI applications, the NIFE 200 factory automation controller can be paired with JMobile Suite which provides local control and remote monitoring capability. With internet access over GbE LAN and 3G/Wi-Fi, factory operators can oversee different automation processes, having a holistic view of on-line activities. A local copy of manufacturing logs can also be saved to a SD card, HDD/SSD, or mSATA drive, helping manufacturers build trackability and traceability of products required by regulatory compliance standards.

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