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FSI Technologies Inc. Celebrates 50 years of Quality and Innovation

FSI Technologies Inc.

Lombard, Illinois, June 15, 2009 -- FSI Technologies Inc. is celebrating its 50th anniversary this month. The company has been engineering, manufacturing, and supporting quality factory automation products since 1959. 

“FSI began as a manufacturer of precision tuning fork time standards and frequency standards for military applications,” states W. Scott Tobey, FSI’s President and CEO since 1980. The company then shifted its focus to factory automation products and services. FSI Machine Vision was launched in 1996. The company’s name was changed in 2005, from FSI / Fork Standards Inc. to FSI Technologies Inc., to better reflect the company’s full range of products and services. 

FSI Technologies Inc. manufactures rotary encoders, photoelectric sensors, and counter-based products at the factory headquarters located outside of Chicago. FSI Machine Vision provides automatic inspection systems, engineering and support. FSI is also the North American partner for NeuroCheck machine vision software and Kwangwoo encoders. 

“A common theme of our 50 years has been a pioneering spirit to deliver the newer and more complex technologies in a way that works well for our customers on the factory floor” states Fred Turek, COO. “Our skill set and corporate culture are a perfect match for this and continue to drive us forward.” 

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