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Motion Control Resources

Elmo to Showcase Network Controller, Application Software, and Gold Servo Drives at IANA, IMTS

Elmo - A Comprehensive Solution for Any Industrial ApplicationElmo Motion Control will display at IANA, IMTS 2012, Chicago (Sept. 10-15, booth E-4588) its powerful, precise, safe, and durable motion control solution for industrial applications.

Elmo's solution comprises the advanced, easy-to-use Gold Maestro multi-axis network controller that handles up to 100 axes and supports EtherCAT and CANopen; the multi-functional, user-friendly Elmo Application Studio (EAS) design environment that can program, tune, configure, optimize, set-up, and network any single and multi-axis servo application; and three lines of high-density servo drives that are compliant with a wide range of industry standards and protocols.

Elmo's servo drives - Gold, SimplIQ and ExtrIQ, are the preferred choice of leading machine manufacturers worldwide in a wide range of challenging industries from aerospace, to digital printing, medical instrumentation, metal forming/machining, automotive, solar, defense and more. They have a wide range of supply voltages, continuous and peak current limits and output power ratings, ranging from 12 - 800 VDC, 0.7 – 100 A, and 80 W up to 65 kW.

The advanced Gold servos for modern industrial automation are a natural evolution of SimplIQ technology and support CANopen and EtherCAT protocols. The general purpose SimplIQ servos have been in operation for over a decade and, with over 1 million exhibiting top reliability and performance, are still considered leaders in the market. ExtrIQ servos are tailored for applications operating under extreme environmental conditions.

Elmo's solution Motion Controllers, drives, and development tools can accommodate efficiently and consistently the automated motion requirements of any application with any level of complexity, any level of precision, any motion or combination of motions, any power requirement, any voltage, any servo motor, any environment, and any feedback:

• Any Motion: Single and multi-axis control for any range and accuracy level of motion, centrally controlled
• Any Power: From 80 W - 65 kW, highly stable and consistent power
• Any Voltage: AC, DC and direct-to-mains
• Any Servo Motor: One development environment and one control application for servos of all sizes, motions, and power capabilities
• Any Environment: Support for any software development environment, or creation of full turnkey stand-alone solutions
• Any Application: Any motion controlled application for any industry, research or other purpose
• Any Feedback: Support for any industry feedback from any machine manufacturer

This is why Elmo proudly and consistently upholds its motto 'One Solution, Any Application!'

About Elmo Motion Control
Elmo designs and manufactures cutting-edge servo drives and network motion controllers that are one-stop solutions for any motion control technology. As a leading global company with over 20 years’ experience, we bring our clients profitability and success. Due to our focus on performance, reliability, safety, and compliance, our solutions have been integrated in a wide variety of industries from the industrial to the military.

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