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Crouzet extends its range of intelligent electric motors

Crouzet North America

SQ75 DCmind Brushless: brushless 600W motor with integrated electronics that knows no limit.Thanks to its onboard intelligence, its safety functionalities and its communication capabilities, SQ75 offers new applications to Crouzet. This new member of the DCmind Brushless family is manufactured in France and is available in three versions from 310 W to 600 W.
High performance and sealed: dual winning combination
Crouzet has set its goal to technical excellence with SQ75. The starting point is high torque values, especially for the 310 W version, displaying a rated torque of 1 Nm (and a peak of 2.5 Nm; up to 6 Nm for the 600 W version!), over an extended speed range of up to 5,000 rpm.  "SQ75 is thus capable of high rates of acceleration and deceleration, even for high inertia loads by means of its reject energy management module.  A functionality that is useful for managing wheel braking of service robots in intralogistics environments" explains Michel Nicol, Business Engineer at Crouzet. 
Unique on the market: the off-the-shelf SQ75 is water- and dustproof (except the shaft and front face), including in the 4.5 N.m version with holding brake and two levels of protection: IP67[1] and IP69[2], suitable for the most severe environments. "Combined with the most extended operable voltage range on the market (from 9 V to 75 V, on mains electricity and/or with battery), its level of seal enables us to propose SQ75 for service robotics: agriculture (agbots), logistics (AGV, AMR), defence (UGV), or even for industrial cleaning. Supplied with or without a gearbox and able to operate in autonomous mode or on a CANopen network, SQ75 can be used for other applications such as conveyor systems, packing machines or access control systems for vehicles or people” says Camille Machet (Offer Creation Marketing Motion for Crouzet), commenting on an analysis of SQ75.
A safe, smart and truly communicative motor
SQ75 operates with complete safety, by means particularly of its Safe Torque Off inputs, enabling the motor to be released, on a fully independent basis, from the microprocessor in the event of an emergency, for instance, on a machine integrated on a safety chain and requiring a special operation by a technician.
Thanks to its CANopen interface, SQ75 can be controlled in compliance with the CANBus standard. It can also operate entirely autonomously. Its intelligent functions (speed, position and torque control, pre-installed applications software) can also be configured using a simple USB key and  DCmind Soft + CANopen Software, downloadable free of charge at www.crouzet.com. These two communication configurations enable alert and usage data feedback by means of which users can create preventive maintenance functionalities.

Easy to install, operate and maintain. 
“Crouzet pays great attention to the integration of its products in its customers’ business environments, especially during installation, operation and maintenance phases” points out Camille Machet.  This results in protection against wiring faults, initialization of the motor on the computer with a commercial USB cable, fine-tuning facilitated by DCmind soft + CANopen software (chart plotter, performance recorder, control loop tuning and error code feedback). What is more, the user has the possibility via the USB port of carrying out a local diagnosis of the motor while CANopen is running, and of checking the status of the communication with a  LED incorporated in the front face. 
Powerful, intelligent and easy to set up, SQ75 states its objective of falling in line with the trend of transformation of commercial control actuators towards “all in one” intelligent motors”.
Since 1921, Crouzet has been committed to designing, manufacturing and supplying efficient components for automated systems to serve a wide range of applications in the Aerospace & Defense market and in many Industrial equipment markets with a specific focus on applications such as Access control, Railway, Nuclear and Industrial valves markets.

Crouzet’s product lines include Automation and Control devices, Motion products, Switches and Position Sensors, Cockpit Controls and Electrical Protection Solutions.

Crouzet has a heritage of close collaboration with customers in the development of adapted products to fully customized solutions.
Driven by innovation and customer satisfaction, our teams are focused on delivering the right products and services for the right application, always meeting, and often exceeding customers’ expectations.

Crouzet is your trusted partner of choice to face industrial challenges of today and tomorrow.

Crouzet is a company of InnoVista Sensors™.

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