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Closed-Loop Servo Control for Voice-Coil and Single-Phase Motors has 192 kHz Servo Rate

Aerotech, Inc.

  • Aerotech´s XL4s single-phase motor controllerClosed-loop servo control of voice-coil and single-phase motors
  • 192 kHz servo-loop update rate
  • Customizable current-loop configurations available to meet your application requirement
  • Fiber-optic interface

Aerotech´s XL4s linear amplifier is designed for closed-loop servo control of voice coil and single-phase motors, eliminating the non-linearities common with PWM amplifiers. The XL4s provides deterministic behavior, auto-identification, and easy software setup and features a multi-core, double-precision, floating-point DSP that controls the digital PID. All parameters are software-settable including control-loop gains and system safety functions. With the XL4s, you can achieve industry-leading settling times, long-term thermal stability, and sub-micron-level tracking accuracy with advanced features such as full state feed-forward, 192 kHz servo rates, and look-ahead-based velocity control.

The XL4s exceeds other single-phase motor controllers due to its industry-leading servo rate of 192 kHz. This directly correlates to better tracking errors and part quality at high-speeds in applications such as fast-tool servos, high-dynamic optical focusing axes, and high-speed pick-and-place machines. The XL4s has an encoder interpolation feature, dedicated analog and digital I/O, fiber-optic interface, and separate power connections for motor and control supply voltages.

Unlike other fast tool servo controllers, the XL4s packaging allows it to be panel-mounted in a machine enclosure, resulting in a smaller machine footprint and requiring less overall floor space.

More information on the XL4s can be found at:

About Aerotech
Aerotech GmbH, based in Fürth, Franconia, is a subsidiary of globally operating Aerotech Inc. with its headquarters in Pittsburgh, USA. The family-owned company, still in its second generation, was founded in 1970 by Stephen J. Botos with the vision of advancing the science of motion control.

To this day, Aerotech develops motion control systems of highest precision, positioning motion systems and associated software solutions and excels due to its highly innovative abilities paired with scientific precision and practical implementation. At its German site in Fürth, configuration of the systems and assembly to customer specifications for the European market is carried out.

Aerotech's motion control products meet the critical requirements of today\'s demanding applications. The innovative and highly precise motion solutions are used wherever high throughput is required - in industry, science and research. Customers worldwide benefit from the company´s comprehensive know-how.

Aerotech solutions cater to an extremely wide range of applications, including medical technology and life science applications, semiconductor and flat panel display production, photonics, automotive, data storage, laser processing, military/aerospace, electronics manufacturing, and testing and assembly. Aerotech currently employs approximately 400 people worldwide.

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