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Motion Control Resources

Cleanroom Gripper for Small to Medium Part Handling


EGSThe EGS from SCHUNK is perfect for the gripping of small to medium sized workpieces with flexible force and high speed in clean environments such as assembly, testing, laboratory and the pharmaceutical industry.

It is digitally activated by binary signals for easy start up and rapid integration into existing facilities and is extremely fast to achieve the maximum number of cycles per minute. The EGS is very sturdy, making it almost wear-free while also supplying high gripping forces for every cycle.

The EGS has autonomous gripping and swiveling, adjustable gripping force, and freely adjustable angle of rotation. It is energy efficient due to the use of an electric power train, and is very simple to use with no programming costs.

SCHUNK is a German family-owned company and global player in one. More than 2,500 employees in 8 plants and 30 directly owned subsidiaries and distribution partners in more than 50 countries throughout the world ensure an intensive market presence. SCHUNK designs and manufactures an unmatched selection of clamping technology and gripping systems.

Company Contact
Clare Welham, Marketing Coordinator
Tel: 919-767-1997

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