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Motion Control Resources

CMT Announces General Manager

Custom Machine and Tool Co. Inc.

Custom Machine and Tool Co., Inc., (CMT) a leading USA manufacturer in the power transmission and motion control products industry, announced the appointment of Marc Sematones as the General Manager.  Mr. Sematones began his career with CMT in 2006 managing the daily operations in the Sales and Marketing Departments in their Hanover, Massachusetts headquarters.  In his new role, Mr. Sematones is responsible for directing, managing and optimizing the overall operations of the Company.  As part of the management team, Sematones reports directly to President Robert Bennett helping to set policies, making decisions on guiding productivity, quality, and cost efficiency of the facility’s operations.

CMT’s product offering contains all popular timing pulley tooth designs including Trapezoidal inch and metric, AT metric, HTD® metric curvilinear and Gates PowerGrip® GT and Zero Backlash.  CMT also produces sprockets, custom v-ribbed pulleys, tapered bushings, idler bearings, assemblies and other industrial power transmission components, and offer value added services such as kanban and JIT delivery options and laser engraving services.  CMT has been the preferred choice for pulley stock by OEM’s and Distributors for over 45 years.  The Company guarantees shipment of up to 5 pieces of pulley stock within 72 hours.

The Company developed and patented a revolutionary hub-to-shaft connection device, the Concentric Maxi Torque, which allows for precise component positioning and tight runout control on demanding applications. 

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