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C85 Incremental Encoder with Large Ø 50 mm Through Hollow Shaft

Lika Electronic USA


C85 is the high resolution incremental encoder with large through bore in a compact size.

C85 has the solid mechanical characteristics of the ASC85 absolute version. It features a 50 mm / 1.9685” through hollow shaft for direct mounting onto large diameter shafts. It provides a space-saving clamping system with flexible fixing plate that allows to comfortably and firmly secure the encoder to the drive shaft by means of three eccentric screws. Thus, it ensures optimal and fast installation, in particular in tight mounting spaces thanks to the minimum overall footprint.

C85 also takes advantage of the rugged and clean design: the enclosure and mechanical components are made of AISI 303 stainless steel and guarantee durability and resistance to corrosion, cleaning agents and chemical contaminants. The protection rate is IP65 and the operating temperature is between -25°C and +85°C (-13°F +185°F). The scanning technology is optical and the resolution ranges from 1,000 to 5,000 pulses per revolution. There is the whole variety of incremental output circuits (digital and sinusoidal signals) to choose from: NPN, PNP, Push-Pull, Line Driver, Universal and 1Vpp. Both options “cable with flying leads” and “cable with M12 / M23 connectors” are available.

Thanks to its mechanical and electrical features, C85 incremental encoder is ideally suited for installation in motor feedback systems and applications with large diameter shafts, as well as, for any control need in the industrial automation in general.

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