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Blog Post: Motion Solutions Adds New Servo Motors and Drives

by MOSO Marketing
Motion Solutions

Motion Solutions Adds New Servo Motors and Drives


ALISO VIEJO, CA - AKM2G servo motors and AKD2G servo drives from Kollmorgen boost torque density, speed, and flexibility for a range of applications.

OEMs find themselves beset by conflicting demands on all sides: Equipment needs to deliver better performance but in a smaller package, better efficiency, lots of flexibility, and–almost inevitably–higher speed. The latest generations of the AKM servo motor and AKD servo drive product lines from Kollmorgen offer a combination of performance, flexibility, and ease of use. They provide tools to help design engineers meet the demand.

The AKM®2G series of AC synchronous servo motors delivers torque densities up to 30% greater than the previous generation. The performance enables design engineers to get more torque in the same frame size or shrink footprint while maintaining output torque. This offers benefits, whether the task at hand is upgrading existing equipment or building a machine that gets the job done in a smaller package. . .

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