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Biography for Dick Morley

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Dick Morley, RMIRichard E. Morley, father of the programmable logic controller (PLC), is a visionary in advanced technological developments. An entrepreneur in high technology companies, he holds more than 20 patents. His MIT-based background in physics provided the needed education for innovation. An inventor, machinist, author, consultant and engineer, his peers have acknowledged his contributions with numerous awards from groups such as Inc. magazine, the Franklin Institute, the Society of Manufacturing Engineers and the Engineering Society of Detroit. He has also been inducted into the Manufacturing Hall of Fame. Mr. Morley works out of his barn in New Hampshire where he and his wife have been home to more than two-dozen foster children.

Other points of interest include:

  • Father of ABS
  • Daniel Webster College Lecturer
  • Teaching at AMC at Harvard
  • Father of the floppy disk
  • Machinist (designed early CNC machines)
  • NCMS Past Chairman of the Board
  • WPI Advisor
  • International speaker on technology and innovation
  • Writer/contributor for Wired, Control, inTech and Manufacturing Automation magazines
  • Writer/author of two storyboards and several books
  • Angel (100+ companies)
  • Founder of Andover Controls and Modicon
  • Worked on radar design, personal rapid transit, languages and computer design
  • ISA and SME life member

Misc. Achievements and Awards

  • 2007 – 2008 SME Manufacturing Enterprise Council Member
  • 2006 – 2008 NH Judge - Hi Tech Council Product of the Year
  • 2006 Process Automation Hall of Fame (Control magazine)
  • 2005 SME Board of Directors
  • 1996 Automation Hall of Fame Prometheus Award
  • 1995 SME Fellow
  • 1993 Parallel Processor Design — Flavors
  • 1991 Howard N. Potts Award
  • 1990 Entrepreneur of the Year
  • 1981 Gould Science & Engineering Fellow
  • Boeing Technical Excellence Award
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