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Motion Control Resources

Benefits of the EtherCAT Network for Motion Control

by Dipesh Mukerji, Vice President Marketing & Strategy

Modern motion control requires resources from different open source libraries, imaging devices, smart cameras and more. All these accessories and locations must be within reach and have access to be viable. With an EtherCAT network, these resources are easily found and stored within reach of the user.

When you use an EtherCAT infrastructure for motion control, all hardware accessories and necessary motors and cables are easily connected to the system without the use or need for multiple cables and other connection options. This reduces clutter within the working area, which decreases accidents that may be caused by loose cables and other loose fittings within the room. Further it makes the motion control far more manageable.

EtherCAT motion control solutions also use fewer cables and motors when compared to traditional methods, reducing the overall cost of motion control. The cost of acquisition for traditional hardware is high; when this need is removed, the overall cost goes down, which means higher profits for the business.

Operations using an EtherCAT framework for motion control are easier, faster and just plain better than traditional hardware methods. Because the EtherCAT motion control application model I software-based, it has “plug-and-play” capability and compatibility to most of the devices in use. This ability to configure and operate different devices on a single motion control platform makes navigation easier and intuitive. This is further enhanced by the fact that there is no time wasted switching between applications. When navigation is made easier, speed and rate of productivity also increase considerably. This translates to higher ROI and better customer satisfaction.

Motion control solutions based on the EtherCAT framework are purpose-built for enhanced performance. Compared to traditional models of motion control, they come with immense advantages. With the EtherCAT network, machine automation becomes more cost effective with better turn-around times and outputs.

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