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Alizem Announces New Distribution Agreement for European Market with Airics

Alizem is pleased to announce that it has recently entered into an agreement with Swedish Airics to distribute its embedded power electronics software and services over European territory. Airics is a recognized leader in the electronics design industry proposing cost-effective solutions based on 3rd-party semiconductor intellectual property.

“We are glad to work with Alizem to enhance Airics offer to its customers and to bring a new level of expertise in the field of embedded software for power electronics applications. Power electronics devices are found everywhere from industrial motor drives to electro-hydraulics actuators and medical equipment and the expertise needed to design embedded software for those applications is very rare. Alizem off-the-shelf embedded software solutions make it easy for customer in quickly bringing top-level domain expertise and the ability to pay the license when the product generates revenues at production stage. That’s a great advantage in a context where product development budget are on a shrinking path and schedule often delayed because of market uncertainty”, said Ulf Orrebrink, General Manager at Airics.

“Airics is an experienced electronics design company having a team of open-minded people that are totally dedicated to customer satisfaction. They have a profound knowledge of the electronic design market and their innovative approach has already convinced world-class companies. We are confident that our collaboration with Airics will increase our customer’s satisfaction over European territory and generate success for both companies”, said Dr. Marc Perron, president at Alizem.

European customers can know more about Alizem embedded software solutions by visiting Alizem website or by contacting Airics sales team directly.

About Alizem Inc.
Alizem is a vendor-independent embedded software IP company specialized in power electronics applications such as motor control and solar power conversion. Alizem’s off-the-shelf software solutions are designed to be quickly and easily integrated by non-power electronics experts and meant to provide significant cost, risk and time-to-market reduction in the development of custom power electronics systems.

About Airics
Airics is a pan-European provider of innovative, reliable and cost effective solutions for the electronic industry. Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, we provide our customers with leading edge semiconductor intellectual properties (IP), embedded technology and design services contributing to our customer's success in their markets. Our expertise and experience span across the entire electronic design flow, covering the steps of system architecting & modeling, implementation, integration, test, verification and production.

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