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ACS Scientific - Multi-Axis Ethernet Stepping Motor Driver/Controller

ACS Motion Control

MCR-4, rack mount 4-Axis intelligent motion integrated stepping motor controllerAdvanced Control Systems Corporation, introduces the MCR-4, rack mount 4-Axis intelligent motion integrated stepping motor controller that drives and controls 4 (four) 2-phase stepping motors with phase currents from 0.25 to 3.0Amps/phase, simultaneously.

The MCR-4 controller performs indexing functions without the need of a host computer, or can operate under the direction of a host. The MCR-4 ’s internal non-volatile memory will store and execute a programmed instruction set.

High efficiency, low noise motor drivers of the MCR-4 provide ideal remote control for multi-axis positioners, beamline shutters and other laboratory control instrumentation.

MCR-4 Controller Features:

  • Powers, Drives and Controls up to 4 (four) 2-Phase Stepping Motors with Stepping Rates up to 50,000 Steps/Sec.
  • Adjustable Motor Winding Current 0.25 – 3.0 Amps/Phase
  • High Efficiency, Low Noise Motor Drivers Designed for Laboratory Applications
  • Nonvolatile Memory for Control Variables & Comprehensive Motion Instruction Set
  • Quick Adjust Front Panel Controls for Setting & Changing Motor Current, Idle Current and Stepping Mode
  • Front Panel LED Indicators for Home, Limits and Motor Busy Status
  • Certified Scientific Software – spec and EPICS Driver Support
  • Ethernet & RS-232 Serial Communications
  • Optional External Manual Jog Control

See the new MCR Series controllers at the ACS Scientific website.

About Advanced Control Systems Corporation
Founded in 1976, Advanced Control Systems Corporation (ACS Scientific) is a designer and manufacturer of stepping motor drivers, servo motor amplifiers, integrated driver/controllers and standalone programmable machine controllers for scientific and industrial applications. Our controls are designed to be affordable as well as reliable. They employ robust and dependable electronics and technology to accomplish high performance at low cost. We offer a line of standard control systems and we build custom systems to specification. We draw upon a depth of experience in control system technology and participate in research and development projects in the fields that we serve. Our principal resource is our people. Our specialties are varied and include expert qualification in computer sciences, control engineering, semiconductor electronics, and physics.

Company Contact
Charles W. "Chuck" Marshall, Jr. - President
Tel: 781-829-9228 x113

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