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ACS Motion Control is Pleased to Release SPiiPlus ADK Suite Version 2.30 for All ACS’ Products

ACS Motion Control

ACS Motion Control is pleased to release SPiiPlus ADK Suite version 2.30 for all ACS’ products.

The new software suite features, among others, an updated MMI Application Studio with enhanced application protection and flexible configuration, .NET library methods, XSEG enhancements, additional GSP features, and Safe Torque Off (STO) fault handling.

SPiiPlus New Capabilities and Features

  • MMI Application Studio
    • System setup can be used to define optional groups to support flexible configuration
    • Protection wizard can be used to set application protection, intellectual property protection, or custom protection
    • Scope user interface has the capability to set Y axis limits to each scope signal, has an XY mode quadrature grid, and the capability to save data in Excel (CSV) format
    • Safety and faults monitor can be used for STO, hardware emergency stop, and component failure
    • Safety and faults configurator can be used for STO and the hardware emergency stop can be changed per axis
  • New C and COM Library functions to start and stop the SPiiPlus Simulator from within the SPiiPlus User Mode Driver
  • .NET Library support
  • The capability to set the delay time between the STO fault indication and the default disable response to such event.
  • The capability to display the encoder position in Gantry mode
  • The capability to allocate a feedback signal separate from an axis identification
  • The capability in dual loop control to set the routing of HW limit switches and to conduct Hall routing
  • The capability to adjust the bandwidth and order in ServoBoost™ algorithm tuning


  • New documents:
    • SPiiPlus ADK Suite v2.30 Release Notes
    • SPiiPlus .NET Library Reference
    • Flexible Configuration Application Note
  • Updated documents:
    • ACSPL+ Programmer's Guide
    • SPiiPlus C Library Programmer Guide
    • SPiiPlus COM Library Programmer Guide
    • SPiiPlus Command & Variable Reference Guide
    • SPiiPlus MMI Application Studio User Guide
    • SPiiPlus PEG and MARK Operation Application Note
    • GSP_G&M Codes Extension to ACSPL+ Reference Guide
    • SPiiPlus Utilities User Guide

SPiiPlusSC New Capabilities and Features

  • Supports Windows 10 x64 and Windows 10 x86

Documentation Updates

  • SPiiPlusSC User Guide
  • SPiiPlusSC Setup for Windows 7, 8, 10
  • SPiiPlusSC Silent Installation Guide
  • SPiiPlusSC Setup for Windows XP

New and Updated Application Notes

  • Flexible Configuration
  • Commutation with ACS Drives
  • PEG and MARK Operations
  • Using Absolute Encoders with ACS Products
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