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ACS Motion Control Introduces NanoPWM Servo Drives

ACS Motion Control

NanoPWMTM provides better performance, efficiency and reliability in a smaller package and at a lower cost versus linear servo drives

Revolutionary NanoPWM Servo Drives Replace Linear Servo Drives in High Performance Positioning Applications

NanoPWM Servo Drives from ACS Motion Control ACS Motion Control has developed a line of switching PWM servo drives that deliver sub-nanometer position jitter performance and nanometers following error while moving at constant velocities. The NanoPWMTM switching PWM servo drives provide better performance than linear servo drives, are significantly more compact and robust while lower in cost.

“Based on a proprietary and unique technology developed over the last 5 years, the NanoPWMTM performance is superior to linear servo drives, guaranteed,” said Ze’ev Kirshenboim at ACS Motion Control. “The NanoPWMTM added value to our customers is quite significant, providing better positioning and tracking performance, smaller size, higher efficiency, better reliability and lower cost.”

The NanoPWMTM servo drives are ideal for applications such as 450mm & 300mm semiconductor wafer inspection systems as well as the latest high resolution OLED flat panel display handling & inspection machinery.

The NanoPWMTM drives are available as part of ACS' MC4U Control Modules complete solutions that includes also an EtherCAT Motion Controller and power supply.

The NanoPWM drive operates from 100V and delivers up to 15/30A (Cont./Peak) of current.

About ACS Motion Control
An international manufacturer of advanced multi-axis motion controllers, machine controllers and integrated control modules, ACS provides standard and custom products that combine power and precision to deliver flexible, economical, user-friendly motion and machine control solutions. Established in 1985, ACS’ international headquarters is located in Israel and its North American headquarters resides in Bloomington, MN. ACS also has facilities in South Korea and China, and distributors worldwide that deliver dependable customer service and product support. ACS is an ISO9001 certified manufacturing facility, demonstrating its continuous commitment to providing customers with reliable devices that are thoroughly tested with the latest available techniques.

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