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Optimal weeding with an electrically powered robot


A new large-scale vegetable weeding robot from Naïo Technologies helps farmers save time weeding.

The mobile robot ‘Dino’ is lighter and more efficient than a tractor and also far more energy- and environmentally-friendly. Thus, Dino is designed to alleviate farmers’ manual workload and allow optimal weeding without compacting the soil.

Since its beginning in 2011, Naïo Technologies has strived to create tools that match the needs of the modern farmer – tools that will ultimately give farmers back their time.

The focus is on improving farmers’ working conditions, limiting the use of chemical additives, soil preservation, maintaining crops, and finally increasing productivity and agricultural utilization.

Autonomous weeding with enhanced precision
The Naïo Technologies project was to create a completely autonomous, lightweight and electrically-powered robot. That was the reason why Naïo initially contacted LINAK. Indeed, LINAK linear electric actuator solutions fit this all-electric robot perfectly - especially for two types of functionalities.

One functionality is the steering control, which is carried out by four robust actuators LA36. The other is for lifting the weeding tools when the robot is not in operation.

This is done with the help of the actuators LA25 and LA36.

The accurate guidance technology includes a laser and a camera and enables precise control of the actuators. This is done by means of an automated system with built-in position sensors, making it possible to adjust the different functions efficiently.

Contact LINAK TECHLINE® for actuator solutions for mobile agriculture machinery.

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