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Synapticon Inc.

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CONNECTING THE WORLDS At Synapticon, we’re driven by the dramatic potential of cutting edge technology being applied to the transition band between the worlds of software, electronics and mechanics. Our aggregated deep expertise in each of these fields, unbound creativity, as well as an extraordinary level of technological braveness (everything is possible!), lead us to a world-leading portfolio of technologies and products in the area of industrial motion control. Being the only software-first servo drive company, Synapticon sees servo drives as the gateways between the virtual and the real world. It’s sensors and drives that turn a computer into a robot. We are offering the most compact, fully self-contained, most efficient and easy-to-use performance servo drives for decentral system architectures and unparalleled solutions for the integration of drives inside motion axes. Many of the most innovative manufacturers of robots and machines use Synapticon to build better products.


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