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ALIO Industries

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ALIO, (which is Latin for “A better way.”) is an innovator in Nano Technology Motion Systems. Since 2001, ALIO’s designs have been exceeding all industry standards for precision and quality in automation technology and is considered to be the gold standard for performance in most of the world’s metrology tools. Our True Nano® Precision Motion Systems, including the Patented Hybrid Hexapod®, and along with more than 350 standard products offer our customers enabling solutions for state of the art applications in Silicon Photonics, Micro Assembly, Digital Pathology, Genome Sequencing, and Microelectronics. With an emphasis on customer service and applications expertise our Passion in Motion™ is to create products and systems which will always exceed our customers’ expectations.


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Let's Talk About Hex(apods) Baby! Real Accuracy or Marketing Accuracy

POSTED: 05/01/2020

The patented Hybrid Hexapod® was developed by ALIO to address the critical weaknesses of conventional legacy hexapod designs, as well...

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ALIO Introduces Asymmetric XY Stages With Nanometer-Level Precision

POSTED: 02/26/2020

ALIO Industries is synonymous with best-in-class nanometer-level motion control solutions, and is well known as the only motion control technology...

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Motion Control - Not All Hexapods are Born Equal

POSTED: 12/10/2019

ALIO Industries has spent 2019 working with numerous customers from across industry that are exploiting the ability to innovate through...

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Custom Motion Control Systems for Exacting Applications

POSTED: 10/23/2019

For nearly 20 years, ALIO Industries has been working at the bleeding-edge of nanometer-level motion control.

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Cutting-Edge Vacuum Systems for Nanometer Management of Motion

POSTED: 09/30/2019

Nanometer management of motion is becoming more and more common across industry as technology solutions work...

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Best-in-Class Family of Motion Control Solutions

POSTED: 08/07/2019

ALIO Industries is synonymous with accuracy and innovation in ultra-precision motion control solutions.

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True Nano® Precision Rotary Stages

POSTED: 07/05/2019

Meeting the demand for ever more precise rotary motion control.

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ALIO's Hybrid Hexapod - a Game Changer in the Field of Motion Control

POSTED: 08/23/2018

ALIO Industries received a US patent on the next generation Hybrid Hexapod® technology which out performs any other

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