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Wittenstein has been moving the world with precision technology in motion control for over 25 years. Since launching the alpha brand of servo planetary gear reducers in 1984, Wittenstein has branched beyond traditional motion by creating new servo solutions for customers and markets.


New Sensor Technology for Servo Components Helps Deter Line Downs and Optimize Machine Uptime

POSTED: 07/23/2020

Self-monitoring servo gearboxes track temperature, vibration, acceleration and more 

NEW: Compact Drive System Provides Decentralized Intelligence Directly on the Axis

POSTED: 06/29/2020

Connection to the PLC in real time via a multi-Ethernet interface, a space-saving and installation-friendly design with electronics integrated in

NEW: Corrosion-Resistant Gearbox NPL-W Produced in USA to Support Regional Demands for Specialized Components in Food, Beverage, Medical and Pharmaceutical Applications

POSTED: 06/29/2020

WITTENSTEIN alpha, a premier provider of high-precision servo gearboxes and drive systems, has launched a...

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New cyber® Dynamic Linear Actuators with Integrated Ball Screw Increase Throughputs by as Much as 400 Percent

POSTED: 07/06/2017

Ideal for packaging, food & beverage, medical and semiconductor applications, the latest addition to the cyber dynamic line from WITTENSTEIN

Wittenstein Introduces Hygienic Design and Washdown Gearhead Range

POSTED: 10/16/2013

WITTENSTEIN alpha announces an entire new line of multi-level protection solutions to meet technical and washdown requirements in various industries.

WITTENSTEIN Launches its New cyber® Motor Business Unit in North America

POSTED: 07/12/2013

WITTENSTEIN has provided custom servo motor solutions in North America for over 15 years. Our growth has led to the launch of the newly establish WITTENSTEIN cyber® motor business unit.

Wittenstein Introduces cyber dynamic motors

POSTED: 07/11/2013

Customized motors and drives from WITTENSTEIN are compact and reliable, providing highly precise and highly dynamic motion control.

The Wittenstein Group Names Peter Riehle President & CEO for Wittenstein North America

POSTED: 05/22/2013

The Wittenstein Group has named Peter Riehle as President & CEO for WITTENSTEIN North America.

Wittenstein - alpha LP+ Generation 3 Gearhead

POSTED: 05/16/2012

LP+ Generation 3 with same space envelope requirements as the LP+ making it ideal as drop-in replacement

Wittenstein - Modular Hypoid Outputs

POSTED: 07/27/2011

Modular Hypoid Outputs for Maximum Design Freedom

Wittenstein - Servo Motors

POSTED: 07/27/2011

WITTENSTEIN Introduces its Most Powerful Line of Servo Motors

Wittenstein - Large Hypoid Gears for Maximum Performance

POSTED: 07/27/2011

Sumo Range of Gearboxes for Demanding Applications

Energy Efficiency in Motion - Visual Proof for Energy Efficiency in Gearboxes

POSTED: 06/16/2010

Energy efficiency has become a popular buzz term for today's green technology focus. However, the real proof of what energy efficiency is for mechanical systems needs further explanation. To start from the basics: how do you know a product is efficient and what does it actually mean to an OEM?

WITTENSTEIN by name, alpha by design

POSTED: 06/20/2008

Blue gearboxes have become the industry standard in servo gear technology. As of July 2008, the blue gearboxes will remain but alpha gear drives, Inc. will change its name to WITTENSTEIN, Inc. to be consistent with the other business units of our company.

Global Leader of Servo Systems Receives ISO 9001 Accreditation for North American Headquarters

POSTED: 10/17/2007

The US WITTENSTEIN group is pleased to announce that it has received ISO 9001 certification from the international certification body Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance Ltd (LRQA).

alpha Addresses RoHS in Corporate Social Responsibility

POSTED: 05/14/2007

As a Corporate Social Responsibility initiative, alpha gear drives will apply the RoHS Directive to all alpha products from spring 2007.

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