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Warner Power - TERMIFLEX

  • New Hampshire, United States
  • Tel: (603) 456-4443
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  • Member Since 2015
  • Supplier

Warner Power manufactures the TERMIFLEX(TM) product line of Rugged Hand Held Control Display Terminals (CDT's) [Embedded Computer Control Systems] for the programming and control of Automation Equipment to leading Commercial, Industrial, Military, and 1st Tier Defense Companies around the Globe. Our Products are used by many fortune 500 customers and have shipped to over 40 Countries around the globe. We have been the choice of various fractions of the Military for over 30 years. These embedded computer systems are simple, secure, and very rugged solutions for hand held or panel operator interface to your Automated OEM equipment. CDT options include various Keypads, Displays, Defaults, Commands, Keycodes, Safety Devices, Communications Interfaces, Joystick, Trigger Buttons, Power Input and Private Labeling variations to choose from.

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