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Bonitron, Inc.

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Bonitron designs and manufactures industrial power electronic modules. We specialize in power electronic assemblies for manufacturers of Variable Frequency Drives and system integrators that support critical applications within many industries worldwide. We are located in Nashville, Tennessee, USA. For more than 50 years, our engineering staff has designed products for our customers that improve the performance and reliability of their electrical control and Variable Frequency Drive systems. Bonitron Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Option Modules include Line Regeneration Modules, Dynamic Braking Transistors and Resistors, Power Loss Ride Thru Modules and Signal Conditioners and Filters. These products allow variable frequency drive systems to operate effectively and avert faults and production system shut downs that are due to poor power quality or system dynamics. Bonitron equipment is sold and supported by the distribution and integration channels of major drives manufacturers.


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