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Optimizing Your Motion Control System’s Electric Motor for Better Performance

Optimizing Your Motion Control System’s Electric Motor for Better PerformanceElectric motors are an integral part of the motion control system, using less energy and at lower costs than ever before. While the performance of these motors has improved dramatically in recent times, you can optimize electric motors in a few ways to further enhance their performance.

When every component of a motion control system is optimized, organizations can increase productivity and reduce costs. You should consider the following tips to improve the efficiency of your motion control system’s electric motor.

Choose the Right Sized Motor

Electric motors have different functions—some have more capacity than others, some run slower than others. Before choosing an electric motor, evaluate what type of processes the motor will accomplish. From there, you can find the electric motor that best suits you.

As a general rule, select a slightly oversized motor for your application. You might save some money upfront, but a slightly oversized motor generally provides extra capacity and a longer lifespan over motors that are undersized. In this way, you’ll have more flexibility and a longer system lifespan.

Eliminate Voltage Imbalance

In most cases, the difference between the highest and the lowest voltages of your electricity shouldn’t exceed 4% of the lowest voltage. Otherwise, your system is susceptible to current imbalances, a reduced full load speed, and fluctuating operating temperatures, all of which can result in unexpected downtime or significant system damage.

You can eliminate voltage imbalance in the following ways:

  • Replace the equipment that has an unbalanced three-phase reactance
  • Install reactive or active filters. This will reduce the harmonics, which reduces the voltage imbalance of your electric motor
  • Distribute single-phase loads on the three-phase system. By doing so, each phase will have an equal load, reducing the risk of voltage imbalance.

Maintain your Electric Motor

Proper maintenance is quicker and cheaper than any repair or replacement, so take advantage of routine maintenance programs. By allowing technicians to fix problems before they grow more serious, you’ll be saved from stress, expensive bills, work stoppages, and motion control system replacements.

Technicians are experts—they will make sure that your motor and motion control system is optimal. Furthermore, they’ll alert you if you can make any changes to improve your system.

If you need more information about motion control and electric motors, we recommend reading our post on How to Size a Motor for Your Motion Control Application.

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