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Motion Control Resources

Motion Control Case Studies

High positioning accuracy Highlights Digital Signage System

POSTED: 06/25/2020

ScreenFLITE® – this is the name of Simtec’s new, spectacular digital signage system, which went into operation in Terminal 3 at Rome-Fiumicino International Airport “Leonardo da Vinci” in summer 2018. With high dynamics and positioning accuracy, low-backlash planetary gearboxes and servo actuators from WITTENSTEIN alpha move twelve giant LED panels

Groundbreaking technologies in heavy-duty applications

POSTED: 05/28/2020

Our smart drive for bolting systems  A newly developed encoderless synchronous motor and high performance electronics with a wide-range input and smart software from WITTENSTEIN cyber motor give alki TECHNIK GmbH’s electric torque multipliers not just plenty of drive power but also intelligent data acquisition in line with Industry 4.0

Servo components deliver precision positioning for beam and plate processing machines

POSTED: 05/28/2020

Among other things, Dutch company Voortman manufactures machines for beam and plate processing. For customers, it’s important that their products comply with the specified tolerances precisely. To guarantee this, Voortman’s designers must develop robust and highly reliable systems. It’s vital, for example, that workpieces can be positioned precisely in the

Gear changes with no torque interruption for hybrid vehicles

POSTED: 05/28/2020

Oerlikon Graziano and it's controlled UK company Vocis Ltd. have developed the high performance gearbox especially for hybrid vehicles, which compensates the torque interruption that occurs when changing gear with an automated manual transmission (AMT) system. A powerful and highly dynamic electric motor from WITTENSTEIN delivers the required torque during

Nimak uses servo drive system to revolutionize the design of welding guns

POSTED: 05/28/2020

The compact design of our innovative motor/gearbox unit – in combination with high torque density, rigidity and dynamics – inspired NIMAK to design a completely new welding gun system: thanks to the galaxy®GUN, the productivity of welding processes is significantly improved. And that’s not all: force generation is rapid and

Servo Drive System enables ultra-precise movement of swivel arms in injection molding machines

POSTED: 05/28/2020

German automation specialist HEKUMA was looking for a servo drive system for a swivel arm that operates two side-by-side injection molding machines with high dynamics. Maximum torque density and excellent positioning accuracy were the decisive selection criteria. The firm’s design engineers favored our Galaxie® D Drive System. Thanks to its

Advancing Driverless Transport Systems

POSTED: 05/28/2020

DS AUTOMOTION, with its automated guided vehicle systems (AGV), supports the new drive system (TAS) from WITTENSTEIN. Automated guided vehicle systems (AGV) are used by companies to move goods and materials from A to B. They appear to be able to find their own way and avoid obstacles and can

Packaging and Cartoning Performance Improved with Servo Actuators

POSTED: 05/28/2020

SIG Combibloc is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of aseptic carton packaging as well as filling machines for beverages and food. The company supplies complete systems including both the preprinted packaging materials and the corresponding machines for filling beverages and liquid foods into aseptic packs. The very first time a

Ultra-Precision Motion Control – Key Considerations for Supplier Selection

POSTED: 03/12/2020

As the demand for more and more exacting motion control increases across numerous industry sectors, it is vital that before investing, customers are informed enough to make sure that they select the right solution for their specific application. The motion control sector is characterized by an array of vendors in many

Grinder for Recycling Plastics for 3D Printers

POSTED: 11/18/2019

American Control Electronics (ACE) is a premier supplier of mission-specific motor controls. Many times, that mission can be accomplished with adaptations of standard ACE products. Filabot is an ACE OEM customer that manufactures plastic filament extruders used for 3D printing. This application uses a

Flamingo Light Sheet Microscopes rely on Precision Motion Systems from PI

POSTED: 09/20/2019

Physik Instrumente supports ambitious microscopy project at Morgridge Institute for Research. Madison, WI – The ambitious Flamingo light sheet microscopy project of the research lab around Professor Jan Huisken at the Morgridge Institute for Research is supported by PI (Physik Instrumente) LP with micropositioning stages for linear and rotary motion. The

What is the difference between full-stepping, the half-stepping, and the micro-drive?

POSTED: 09/05/2019

In addition to the motor body, the performance of the stepper motor is greatly affected by the driving method.  What exactly is a driving method? Here is the explanation for you: There are three basic drive modes for stepper motor drives: full-step, half-step, and micro-step. FULL-STEP DRIVE During the full-step drive, the stepper

Solenoid Mechanical and Electrical Testing with SMAC

POSTED: 08/29/2019

While we all dream and work countless hours to land that giant OEM, developing a technical solution, solving their problem(s), and winning the business, but staying close to custom machine integrators is a great way to get projects, keep the orders coming in and have another pair of feet on

Bud Leaf Trimmer

POSTED: 08/27/2019

With the ever growing list of states and countries that allow for the use of medical or recreation marijuana, a new industry appears to be on the horizon. With this new industry comes the need for innovative machinery and tools to aid in the cultivation, processing, and packaging of the

Industrial Refrigeration Doors

POSTED: 08/27/2019

American Control Electronics has a long history of success in industrial and commercial automation. The latest involves an insulated cold storage warehouse door OEM. They were testing a control system that was more complex to commission than they were comfortable with, and were concerned about their costs. We introduced our PMB

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