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Product Manufacturer Model Price
ACR9000 Controller Parker Electromechanical Automation   $0.00
ACS Drive/Controller Tolomatic, Inc. ACS $0.00
Agilis™ Series Controllers Newport Corporation   $0.00
Agilis™ Series Piezo Motor Driven Linear Stage Newport Corporation   $0.00
Agilis™ Series Piezo Motor Driven Optical Mounts Newport Corporation   $0.00
Agilis™ Series Piezo Motor Driven Rotation Stage Newport Corporation   $0.00
DC Motor Controller Family Control Solutions, LLC CS1108 $0.00
DEC Module 24/2 maxon precision motors, inc.   $0.00
Delta Tau Power PMAC Delta Tau Data Systems, Inc. Power PMAC $0.00
EPOS2 50/5 maxon precision motors, inc.   $0.00
EPOS2 Module 36/2 maxon precision motors, inc.   $0.00
ESP301 3 Axis Motion Controller/Driver Newport Corporation   $0.00
Galil DMC-30000 Galil Motion Control Inc. DMC-30000 $0.00
Galil DMC-40x0 Galil Motion Control Inc. DMC-40x0 $0.00
Galil DMC-41x3 Galil Motion Control Inc. DMC-41x3 $0.00
Hexapod 6-Axis Parallel Kinematic Positioning System Newport Corporation   $0.00
HMI Motion/PLC Controller AMK Drives & Controls, Inc. AMKAMAC Type: A4/A5 $0.00
ILS Series High-Performance Mid-Range Travel Linear Stages Newport Corporation   $0.00
IMS Series High-Performance Long-Travel Linear Stages Newport Corporation   $0.00
IMS-LM Series High-Performance Long-Travel Linear Motor Newport Corporation   $0.00
LEGEND-MC Single Axis Motion Controller Yaskawa America, Inc. SMC-3010 $0.00
Maestro Multi-Axis Supervisor Elmo Motion Control, Inc.   $0.00
MC4U ACS Motion Control   $0.00
Mini-EtherCAT Controller Trio Motion Technology MC4N $0.00
Mint® Machine Module for Intelligent Drive Systems ABB Inc.   $0.00
MP2000 Series Machine Controllers Yaskawa America, Inc. MP2200/MP2300 $0.00
MP2300Siec Yaskawa America, Inc. PMC-U-MP23xx $0.00
MP940 Machine Controller Yaskawa America, Inc. MP940 $0.00
Nano PLC w/stepper controller JVL Industri Elektronik A/S SMC75A1 $536.00
NextMove e100 Real-time Ethernet Motion Controller ABB Inc.   $0.00
NextMove ESB-2 High Performance Motion Controller ABB Inc. ESB-2 $0.00
Online E-Store - Servo2Go Electromate   $0.00
PICOMOTOR™ Actuators Newport Corporation   $0.00
Power Motion i-A FANUC America Corporation   $0.00
Precision Miniature Linear/Rotary Stages National Aperture, Inc. MM-3M-F-0.5 $0.00
RV Series High-Performance Precision Rotation Stages Newport Corporation   $0.00
Servo2Go Air Miles Loyalty Program Electromate   $0.00
SMC100 Single-Axis Motor Controller/Driver Newport Corporation   $0.00
SMC-4000 Motion Controller Yaskawa America, Inc. SMC-4000 $0.00
SPiiPlus CMba/hp ACS Motion Control BA or HP $0.00
SPiiPlus CMnt ACS Motion Control   $0.00
SPiiPlus NTM ACS Motion Control   $0.00
SPiiPlus SC ACS Motion Control   $0.00
TRA Series Compact Motorized Actuators Newport Corporation   $0.00
UTS Series Mid-Travel Steel Linear Stages Newport Corporation   $0.00
XPS Universal High-Performance Motion Controller/Driver Newport Corporation   $0.00


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